Introduction: Why I’m blogging

I wanted a place where I could share with my family and friends (but probably mostly my mother, because she loves photos) all that’s going on with me, because sometimes I just forget to say things.

I also just forget things.

So a year or so from now when I look back on this internship, I want to remember how it went. And then I’m going to Germany, and this blog will become my time in Germany, wenn ich Deutsch sprechen werde! But this will continue to be in English.

Because I’m writing this blog, I feel more motivated to make sure I have a picture (or two) a day to post and write something amazing I learned. So that’s it. That’s why I’m blogging. It’s for me.

But please, feel free to chitchat, ask questions. I love talking and communicating and all that.

P.S. The image is from Jan. 7. I was biking home, and the sky was really quite wonderful above the Houston Space Center. The camera on my phone can’t do anything justice, but it will help jog my memory of the moment a year or so from now.

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