Day 1: I went to the wrong place

I went to the wrong place at 8 a.m. Well, I went to the place they were telling me to go to. But it was not where anyone wanted me to be. I ended up in Building 1 with all the administration and all the bosses of all of JSC comm (a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much).

And they had no idea what to do with me. That’s not true. They knew who to call, but it was the first day after the holiday break so no one was really in. So I sat there, and I shook a lot of hands and met most of the people there (all very nice!), and then Veronica answered the phone and came to get me.

Veronica gave me my first tour (super abbreviated, but immensely appreciated!). The tour consisted of the two parts of Building 2 and introductions to all the people we met there. But most importantly, she showed me where I was actually supposed to be. In Building 2. Not in Building 1.

While we were in Studio B (located in Building 2), she took the above photo and said, “Megan, you can post this on social media now. I’ll get you those hashtags to use. We track all that.” And she did.

#NASAintern #JSC

P.S. Veronica took two photos, declared this one the best, and then said, “Look, and if you crop it just like that, it’s perfect. You have NASA and JSC in the picture.” She was right!

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