Day 3: I saw the mini exercise device

Today I got to see the mini exercise decide. It’s there, in the picture. It’s the gold thing. Gary (who is a Penn State alumnus) is holding the camera.

We’re filming for a mini video to showcase it. For my part, I tried to hold a phone with it’s light on to help light the scene, but it didn’t make any difference. Florescent, all encompassing lighting it is! I learned about this new device and the current exercise device the astronauts use on board the International Space Station.

Both devices need a vibration plate, to minimize the vibrations that exercising makes. I didn’t think those small vibrations could do much, but there’s a large enough risk that there’s the plate. The mini exercise device is especially cool though, because it does both cardio and weights. How’s that for a home gym?

I could fit that in my dorm room. What do you think the going price is?

Moving on from that morning, I created my first few social media posts for the JSC social media, helped out with some report stuff, and started writing a story about the space station. It has gifs, I’m so excited for it!

P.S. Rob, who sits in the office across from me, learned what school I went to today. He then proceeded to walk in my direction and say, “Franco Harris.”  That’s it. “Franco!” Yep! Rob’s great!

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