Day 4: I met an astronaut

I met NASA Astronaut Jeff Williams. I also (sort of met, but more of just observed intently) the two cosmonauts in his crew: Oleg and Alexey.

The picture is from me at my first Press Crew Briefing. The briefing was held as an introduction to the crew launching in March. Pretty cool! They’re excited about it. It’s Alexey’s (middle) first time, but Oleg (left) and Jeff (right) are old pros. (Gary is the moderator there. He went to Penn State.)

After the event, when Jeff was answering social media questions through Twitter, I asked a couple of questions. Little did I know, I forgot to introduce myself until the very end.



Ah well! He was very nice and loves taking photos of the Earth (especially close-up photos). That’s what he’s most excited to do in his free time on the space station. We (I mean Gary) shot a short twenty second video (Jeff only had to do two takes) that encourages people to follow Jeff on Twitter! Do it! It’s @astro_jeff.

However, he hasn’t posted since 2010. But be ready for the next few months! I’m sure he’s going to be ramping up for the launch then posting beautiful photos of Earth.

If you want, check out the news conference! You’ll get to hear about who inspired Jeff and about Alexey’s daughter who absolutely loves owls. I appear in a couple of shots when the camera pans the audience.


During the morning of Day 4, I actually got to go into a sound booth and record a bit of voice over for a video. I think it’s going to be an internal video, but it was still cool being in the sound booth!


P.S. It rained hard last night. So I wore different pants to work than my work pants, because I knew I would get muddy. (Lots of puddles on the sidewalk I bike.) But then it was gorgeous on the way home, and I was like, “It won’t be that bad!” so I didn’t wear my poncho that covers me and my backpack. Well, I’m doing laundry today.

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