Day 8: My tweets are famous

My tweets are famous, as in, reaching more than my little group of friends. However, these tweets are on NASA social media, so I can’t quite say I have become famous. Though my social media posts for NASA have all done pretty well. (I don’t think I’m allowed to indicate which social media posts I made, so just pretend I’ve done all the ones on the JSC accounts.)

All those famous social media posts (seen by thousands of human beings) were made at that desk right there. That’s where the magic happens.

My mentor, Megan, is sadly not here this week, but that does mean I get to hang out with the Education folks. They put on a lot of different programs both for students and teachers, and I’ll be working on a couple of things for them this week. Mostly writing based, which I’m super excited about!

Unfortunately, I felt like I had almost no time today, since I kept dropping by meetings, but I think tomorrow will be better! I have a list of things to do (in my handy-dandy notebook) and I want to cross them off.

Crossing things off a checklist is very satisfying!

Because nothing much happened (visually) today, you just get a picture of my desk. I’m working my way through the little manual there on the International Space Station, and it’s full of great info. Hence the highlighted bits (which you can’t really see).


I got that poster on the right today! Which was pretty exciting. It’s a list of all the 2015 astronauts. I’m in love. They’re inspiring people.

Did I mention that as I do more work for each astronaut I get more attached to them? Take Scott Kelly, I just did a chunk of work today that relates back to him, and now I’m like, “Oh, I know Scott! He’s great.” Except I don’t know him. I’ve never met him, but I just feel this connection now. Is this just me? Or do other NASA employees feel that way?

In the Education office, they have little cutouts of all the astronauts. I need to get a picture of those. They’re kind of awesome.

P.S. I came home today and found something wonderful! Two friends from back home sent me a gift!! And it just brightened up my entire day!!! Thank you, Puja and Leah!!! 😀 😀



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