Day 11: A last minute press conference is hectic

I didn’t know anything about a press conference until about 9 a.m. today, and I don’t know if anyone else did either. Or maybe they did, because there was someone from NASA Headquarters at the conference.

Either way, I really learned how stressful things can get at NASA in the external relations office, and I wasn’t even in the middle of planning and executing the press conference! (Honestly, I really enjoyed being on the fringes of all the commotion!)

The reason there was so much commotion, was because the press conference was a huge deal. It was to announce the winners of the Commercial Resupply Service (CRS-2) contracts, which had been delayed a number of months.

The phones were ringing off the charts from the press, and Dan (or was it Kelly?) enlisted me to help with the phones. It was not the most shining moment of my life, but I answered three calls and nothing atrocious happened. So that was good!

I sat in on the conference as well and wondered at some of the questions from the media. And chuckled when no one actually answered the question asked. But basically, NASA is purchasing a minimum of six rides from launch vehicles from three different providers. Where and when these launches will take place as well as which launch vehicle NASA will use has not been decided.

Basically, NASA ordered a buffet of delivery vehicles, and it can choose whatever is at the table there.

My favorite person to listen too at the conference was Julie, the chief scientist for the International Space Station. She was very well spoken and even read the script without major hiccups!

I did other stuff today too, but I can’t remember exactly what…



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