Day 15: Night photography

It was Martin Luther King Jr. Day today, so I didn’t have work. So no interesting stories on that front.

However, I did take the time today to do my first bit of night photography (30 minutes or so). Nothing fantastic (ugh the trees are out of focus); used this little article as my springboard for trying some different stuff.


I was surrounded by lights and general home living, which is why you aren’t seeing too much of the stars. When I put on a slower shutter speed, well, the result is below.


Where are the stars? Not there, that’s where.

I also learned to use the app on my phone to take the photos, because pressing the “take a picture” button made everything a bit blurry.


Also, the Moon is a no go. I repeat, Moon and stars are not working too will in the photo here.

Anyone have any tips on shooting some better pictures of the sky? I’m all for suggestions.

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