Day 16: A film crew filmed me

I spent the entire day being filmed for a short documentary. A documentary about me, a student, doing something they love. #NASAintern

And it was utterly exhausting. I don’t know how actresses do it, but I am so tired from talking to people all day and retaking shots and well, I would go out of my mind if I had to do it every day. But for one day (two counting tomorrow), it’s totally okay. (And unbelievably fun!)


I don’t think I can share anymore information about it, but when the video gets released, I’ll be sure to link to it. Not sure how far in the future that will be, but look out for it.


I got to meet some experts at NASA, which was super cool. I met a flight director and the expert on exercising in space. Oh! I also got to try out the ARED. I didn’t do anything special, but it was still super cool. Plus, I got to hangout in the historic Mission Control. Woot!


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