Day 17: Kind of was an astronaut today

I got to experience some great virtual reality simulations and walk around the mock-up of the International Space Station (even going inside one of the Russian sections!).

Plus I got to berth a resupply shuttle (the Dragon, to be exact) to the ISS from the Cupola simulator and experience a spacewalk (float around the space station) in some intense virtual reality. It was, like, training to be an astronaut.


(That’s me with Mike in the Cupola simulator. That’s where I succeeded in berthing the Dragon. However, Mike “forgot” to make the Dragon move, which made grabbing it with the arm a lot easier. Thanks, Mike!)

So I was kind of an astronaut for a few hot seconds.

But then I got to meet Jessica Mier.

We hugged (twice, to make sure they got the shot).

It was great. She was great.

We talked briefly about the toilets on the space station. (Did you know that the Russian toilets don’t recycle the cosmonauts’ urine? The American astronauts need to do that for them.) Don’t worry, Jessica and I also talked about more professional things.

What things? Can’t say, because it’s going to be in a mini documentary.

It was a great second day of filming, but it was sad to see the two person crew go. They were lots of fun and fantastic to spend the day with.

Through two days of filming, I did come to grips with the fact that I would not enjoy being an astronaut. I like the idea of being ground support, telling the astronauts’ stories, supporting their words, etc. a whole lot more.

But maybe I could make it as a space tourist…

P.S. I kept saying fantastic a whole lot during the shoots. So I tried to use synonyms. I came up with “great,” “wonderful,” and “amazing.” Not sure how much better that was…

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