Day 18: The wind blew me off my bike

The wind didn’t technically blow me off my bike. But I would bike a lot and not go anywhere. Or bike a lot and go sideways. Going sideways was not the plan. So then I just walked home.

But I did get to see something new today! It’s called the DTE, in alphabet soup language. In it, you get to touch an actual moon rock. A real moon rock.

It wasn’t there today, because Crawford (isn’t that such a fun name?) was just showing a few of us the setup of the space.


It’s basically this little trailer that goes around the world spreading NASA love and joy.

It has a rumble floor.

What’s not to love?

I’ll be helping out with this fun-sized, rolling NASA exhibit on Saturday.

P.S. I’m really nervous someone is just going to take the moon rock and walk off with it. Or that someone’s going to ask me a question that I don’t know the answer too, but think I know the answer too, so I’ll answer them with lots of conviction. But really, I’ll just be spreading falsehoods, thinking they’re truthhoods…

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