Day 19: My writing is on NASA!

Not officially (but totally officially), as of today, I have a writing piece on And not just anywhere on, but on a main part of the page. It doesn’t have my byline or anything (I don’t actually have access to post), but it’s my bit of writing.

It was a quick turn around time (37 minutes to be exact, between email received and email with finish product sent back), which was a bit tough and rereading it now, there are little grammar tweaks I want to make…

People. Always write and then reread. And then wait an hour, a day, a week to reread again if you have the time. If you don’t have the time, get someone else to read it aloud to you. You’ll catch so many mistakes or little things you can tweak.

But it’s still cool to have my writing out there.

I also have a lot of little things to work on. I finished up all my lingering work from the week, and then went to Megan and asked, “What can I help with?” She gave me a list of 18 billion things. It’s great. She’s fantastic!

Interns, don’t just sit around twiddling your thumbs. Ask for what else you can help with!

But one of the things I am excited about is Black History Month coming up. It’s in February, and I asked Megan about doing some graphics and she was basically like, “Go for it. Do it!” Yay! Not that we shouldn’t always be sharing diverse graphics and stories, but it’s like a reason to make everything super diverse, and I am ~super excited for that! (Maybe I could even interview some peeps and do a piece on that?? We’ll see! I’ll ask.)

Throughout the week, I worked on a couple different visual projects, and it was great to pick out the visuals for them. While I might not be doing a whole lot, I think even just making sure the pictures we use are a little more diverse is a win.

P.S. I didn’t really take a picture today… Well, I did, but that’s for a different day, a different story. And it’s too cold to go out and take a bit of the sky.

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