Day 20: Working by the moon rock

I got to touch the Moon. The part that geologist/astronaut Jack Schmitt brought back on Apollo 17, the last mission to the Moon. It was fantastic.

Actually, it was a bit underwhelming.

You think touching a moon rock would be cool, but because moon rocks are actually quite sharp, they smoothed this one down so all the tourists (#peoplelikeme) didn’t get cut on it. So it’s just like touching a smooth pebble. Or exactly like touching a smooth piece of mare basalt, because that’s what this moon rock was made out of.

But I did still touch the Moon.

And let me also just say that that is a pretty nice looking, untouched photo of the rock. (You can see the reflection of me and the exhibit on the stand that’s holding the rock!) I took like a gazillion pictures trying to get one with the focus I wanted and everything.

This moon rock was in the NASA trailer, which was parked outside the Space Center Houston on opening day of Independence plaza.


That’s Independence Plaza, the shuttle and the plane. You get to go inside. I didn’t do that yet, but it’s apparently way cool. The shuttle is a replica though, didn’t actually fly. The plane did though. DSC_0300

I failed at catching the morning sun hitting this setup just right. When I was driving in, it was perfect. I should’ve pulled over right then and there and snapped a few photos. But the couple of minutes it took me to park and walk back, the sun shifted a bit.

But you get the idea. The morning sun shining down on this massive display. It was kind of awe inspiring.

We also had a spacesuit outside the trailer (not pictured in this post, but in this one) that people loved taking photos in.


P.S. Scott Kelly did a Reddit AMA, and it was (actually) super cool. He answered some great questions! Did you know, astronauts get calluses on the tops of their feet from using the bars to move around? On Earth, we get calluses on the bottoms of our feet because, well, we walk on the ground.

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