Day 21: Meet the other interns!

I didn’t actually meet all of them. But I met some of them. And they were great. I talked to much and should’ve asked more questions, but there’s still lots of time to do that. Mainly all of tomorrow!

But today I made vegan alfredo sauce, and it was so awful. The day before I made fudge, and that was delicious. Today I also did a veggie, cashew stir-fry thing. And as we speak I’m making an apple/banana crisp/crunch thing.

Sixteen minutes left on the timer.

I have two things I need to finish up before tomorrow, but I think I’ll get them done!! Also excited about going through an actual orientation for NASA. While I like picking stuff up on the fly, it’s even better when someone helps you through it! (Especially because I think I need to be keeping a time card, but when I asked, they said no…)

P.S. There was a gorgeous shot of the ocean and clouds and lingering sunlight while we were all socializing, but I didn’t want to be weird and just snap a photo. But I totally should’ve.

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