Day 22: Orientation!

Three weeks later, and I finally get an official orientation. While I’m not sure it oriented me as much as my first day did (I think I learn best when I’m just dropped into a situation.), I learned a lot more about what NASA expects from its interns.

The best part of the day was meeting all the interns, who want to be here just as much (if not more!) than I do! Their energy was pretty great, and I really think the picture above explains everything.



This was our scavenger hunt team (sans Jeff who was taking a cool picture of something, and then the photo I got with Jeff was a bit blurry, oops…).

One of the things I love about this is photo, is that I believe it shows off the #diversity. Everyone is such their own person, it really is fantastic.

I did a little work afterwards and have some I still want to do before tomorrow. We’re getting closer to February and Black History Month and I really want to make those graphics rock.


I just really like this photo. So I felt like I had to share! We spent some time in a cool collab space which had lots of fun little odds and ends.

P.S. I drove my bike to the meeting place on the other side of campus. But then the roads/gates wouldn’t let me bike back the way I came. So bless his heart, Han had a truck, and he drove my bike all the way back to the main gate. Yay for not having to bike back on the highway that has no sidewalk/bike lane!

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