Day 23: Feeling super official

This now also means that anyone who was unsure of who was writing this blog, now knows, 100 percent who this crazy person is.

To start off, it was a great day!

I didn’t bike to work this morning (woke up, and there was lightning), but that was okay, because then I decided I’d wear a skirt. (Bikes and skirts don’t get along.)

So I drove to work (Vroom!), and work was great. I even splurged on some totes vegan Oreos.

But then I went out to start the car, and, well, the car didn’t start.

One person (bless his heart), tried for like twenty minutes to help me jump the car. But then like two NASA employees showed up and started diagnosing my car. And then like two more showed up, and I didn’t know so many people knew so much about cars.

It literally was like moths to light.

But then we (they) decided there was nothing else we (they) could do (because it totally wasn’t the battery), and so I went to the security gate to find a guard to find out how to get in a tow truck. But then no place was open to take in the car if I got it towed. So I just walked home.

I’ll fix the situation tomorrow.

P.S. Today I learned that there are like a bazillion super nice people at NASA, willing to help even when they have other things going on. And that’s awesome. Because not everywhere is like that.

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