Day 24: Honoring Apollo 1 today, Challenger tomorrow, Columbia Sunday

This is the start of a few hard days for the NASA community. First they lost the crew aboard Apollo 1 (Jan. 27), then Challenger (Jan. 28) and then Columbia (Feb. 1).

There will be a ceremony out at memorial grove tomorrow; their legacy lives on.


We had a four hour long social media meeting, where Megan (my mentor) led everyone in a presentation/discussion involving social media. I learned so much about YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. (Can’t wait to use it to help the Penn State Alumni Association! I’m currently interning there as well.)

But why hasn’t someone cataloged all she’s saying in an easy 101 form for people everywhere??

Oh, because it’s not all that easy!

What was pretty easy was getting a tow truck into Johnson Space Center. I thought it was going to be this big thing, but it wasn’t really. And that was great.

P.S. My vegan apple crisp I made is almost gone, and I don’t have anymore vegan ice cream to put with it. I think I’m going to fix that this weekend. More apple and ice cream soon, yum!

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