Day 25: The Astronaut Memorial Grove

Today is the 30th anniversary of the Challenger tragedy.

There was a beautiful little ceremony in the Astronaut Memorial Grove honoring not only Challenger, but Apollo 1 and Columbia as well. I don’t know if every center put on a ceremony, but I know that the Kennedy Space Center put on one and that there was a ceremony at Arlington Cemetery as well.




I was helping to escort (and keep an eye on) the media who were at our ceremony. It was created as a small, private family and employee ceremony with a flyover (The pilots were either astronaut training pilots or astronauts themselves). So naturally the media wanted a look.


Which is fine.

But then during the moment of silence, the “talent” is off in the grove complaining about how poor his shooting conditions are and how he can’t believe he came all the way out here —

And it was honestly awful and embarrassing.

It wasn’t supposed to be an event that catered to the media. That’s sort of what Kennedy put on. And… I guess it was just disappointing to see how the talent was so concerned with his shot that he didn’t even take the time to think about what or who he was reporting on.

Anyway, first time really interacting with the media, so it was still fun!/A good learning experience!


P.S. Today I dropped my camera and my heart shattered into a thousand little pieces. But then my heart fixed itself when I found out the camera was okay!! Only a little bit of cosmetic damage, and the insides are all just dandy!

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