Day 26: Let me show you light pollution

The two big, fun things I did today were bike along the bay and some night photography!

But let me show you what light pollution looks like. It’s the ability for my camera to make it look like day time when it’s really not. I think everyone needs to try shooting some stars just to see how frustrating this is.


Why hello rising sun! Nope. Sun won’t be up for like eight hours.

But I also did get some better shots. There was for sure less lights and more stars here than when I first tried some night photography. (But no fun purple this time…)

And that’s not a shooting star. It’s an airplane.


Ignore the angle of the one below. My tripod doesn’t really do vertical…


Still have it in my plans to road trip out somewhere with less light pollution. Eight to ten hours away (ew). But I think it will be worth it!

P.S. I totally made hot tea to drink while I was shooting, but I left it in the car and forgot about it the whole time. But now I’m drinking some hot tea, and it’s great. Mmm, earl grey…

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