Day 27: Went to see the space station!

No, I didn’t get to go aboard, but Kristen, Rachel and I went out to the middle of Galveston and saw the space station flyby. I took a couple of long-exposure photos. The ISS is the streak in the sky. It moves quite fast and was only visible for about three or four minutes.

DSC_0629 edit

(Edited version of one up top.)

DSC_0642 edit

Edited version of the sky on the beach. Totally was disappointed when I took this, because the photo preview was basically black with a couple white speckles, but turned out so pretty once I upped the color curve. It’s a little grainy, but next time I’ll make sure to have a longer exposure to minimize the post-processing grain!

DSC_0631 edit

Edited version of a photo from where we saw the ISS. The sky is a gorgeous blue here (only did a little bit of coloring). The red of the trees was from the tail lights of my car. Didn’t want to just sit in the dark taking photos!


(It’s harder to see in this one, but the ISS is the streak at the top center of the page.)

I say “only” but most flybys happen even quicker! I was lucky to get as many shots as I did!

Then we went to the beach and hung out with some other co-terns (co-ops and interns). There was a fire and s’mores and that’s all we needed. Pictures didn’t turn out well enough for me to post/did not take a lot of pictures because sand.

Kristen, Rachel and I were originally going to go down to some other spot and meet up with Arun and the crew he drove to watch the ISS, but we stopped to eat at Jimmy’s and lost track of time a bit.

DSC_0614 edit



(That’s Rachel and Kristen! They braved the drive with me.)

Apparently the place I sent Arun and crew to was terrifying, and it was quite an adventure for them! (It was not actually terrifying, they just thought they saw a snake and now tell terrifying stories of the place, which had almost no light pollution and a great look at the ocean and sky together. Hard to get that within a 40 minute drive.)

Anyway, it was a great Saturday in Galveston.


P.S. I made apple crisp and mousse and I’m about to go have some!

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