Day 30: Rob showed me around some

I went to an astronaut meeting (Rob invited me! Thanks, Rob!), and I learned about planning and preparation from the Public Affairs Office for the astronauts and what the astronauts need to learn and help with.

I loved how complicated it was and how intricate and exact the planning and preparation needed to be. Rob talked about talking to media and getting them on board with events, and I think that’s what I want to do eventually. Less social media, more long term planning and development in communication plans.

That’s NASA astronaut Jeff Williams pointing at me. He remembered me from before. And that was cool.

But before that Rob took me to see where the NASA TV magic is made. It was pretty cool.


Above is where all the video stuff happens and below is the sound room where all the mixing happens!


P.S. I am dropping one of my majors (Information Sciences and Technology), because it no longer aligns with my future career goals which aren’t information management and back-end application design, though I do enjoy that every so often. What do I want to do? More people stuff, more photography stuff, more graphics stuff, more communications theory stuff.

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