Day 31: Finished the day with late night board games

I’ve always liked being busy. I love the challenge of working to deadlines and trying something new.

Today, we discussed the social media plan for Scott’s landing, and I got a small laundry list of things I can do to help support that! Then I got even more stuff from Megan to do, and I am super excited!! I’m not allowed to post to social media directly, and Megan’s been super busy, but I hope we can get some more #BlackHistoyMonth stuff up. I’ve prepped a number of posts for it so we can just get that rolling!

Then the co-terns went to Murder by Chocolate (doesn’t that just sound like a place that I would love??), and we played board games. I learned how to play Catan, and it was quite the experience.

P.S. Arun was kind enough to drive my bike home. We jerry-rigged it a bit to get it to stay in the trunk. I would put a picture here but I’m too tired to blur out the license plate number. Maybe I’ll share it with you tomorrow…


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