Day 33: The SEEC conference with SEEKERS

I don’t know if anyone else calls them SEEC-ers (pronounced: seekers), but I totally do.

There was an educator conference at the Space Center Houston, which I helped out with throughout the day, which was totally eventful.

The main lobby around 7:30 a.m.

I helped find chairs and outlets and talked to people about NASA.

Also inspiring a nation through space exploration is general.
When is Lunar Lion going to get rockets this big?

Then I saw as George Bush Senior, Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly exited the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility. (After waiting for an hour for them to do that!) Never been and probably will never be that close to a U.S. President (former or not) ever again.

I then met these two lovely Japanese students, and we made a filtration system! (Pics maybe to come from them.)

Crystal putting who knows what into water we needed to filter.


Afterwards, I did some work (writing an awesome article!), went home to the Alumni Association, then headed out to the banquet at the Space Center Houston! Kristen and I did the bonding thing, Alicia told us about her previous life, and a couple of teachers jumped the rope to get into the (closed) exhibit.

After hours at the Space Center Houston.


All in all, a beautiful day!

However, Edgar Mitchell died yesterday night. He was part of Apollo 14, and the 6th person to walk on the Moon. I guess he got a little loss in the mix, being 6th and not being first or last or anything interesting. But that doesn’t mean he was any less important to NASA’s mission and the success of Apollo era. I haven’t seen any media pick it up, but I kind of hope they will.

Only 12 people have ever walked on the Moon.


P.S. I’m watching the pre-game for the Super Bowl and you should too! But before that, a hiking/something adventure with Kristen tomorrow!


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