Day 34: There were owls

Kristen and I went out to the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, which was about an hour, hour and a half drive away. And it was goooorgeous.


It’s just, you’re sort of out in the middle of nowhere and there’s just land. Not many cars, not any buildings, lights or machinery.

DSC_1018 edit.JPG

When you take a breath, it’s like you’re finding this inner peace. I know! That sounds a bit cheesy, but I love that feeling. Of finally feeling detached from the rush, the rush of work and life and time.


Instead, there’s a sun setting, and it doesn’t matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, because that single moment is all you see, all you need.

DSC_1124 edit
The red light is from my car’s taillights.

Anyway, we saw lots of owls! I didn’t ever get a good picture of them, but it was still so fun to see them. They’re beautiful.

DSC_1125 edit

I only got these two photos of the stars (which were wonderful!), but these were both setup shots, prepping for nicer ones. But I didn’t get them. Why? All of a sudden: coyotes. Five of them, howling right close to us. Let me tell you, we got nice and quick out of there, because fighting off coyotes is not on my bucket list.

I also got on my very first drive-on ferry. I’ve never taken one of those in my life, and it was a little bit scary, especially because a couple of times the water splashed up onto the deck. But we arrived at the shore safe and sound.


We also found a nice little Italian place in Texas City where the pizza was delicious and there was a three or four mile long road that went straight out onto the water. People were fishing off the side of it, headlights on, illuminating the water in front of them. Not sure if they were catching anything, but there were enough of them there that I’d assume it was a fine fishing spot!

Texas City from that four mile road. All the light is just hanging above the city.

P.S. Reading a new book (still need to finish Der Tribute von Panema though…), and it’s good so far! It was a suggestion from Michelle at NASA. She’s on rotation at the Public Affairs Office for a year, though she primarily works in… something with biology, I think? I need to double check, but it’s a totally science related thing.



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