Day 37: The State of NASA

The NASA Administrator Charles Bolden talked about the budget at NASA (and how NASA is doing in general). But all the NASA centers used this as a reason (excuse?) to bring in social media followers to give them an inside look at the centers.


There were about 20 non-media participants and 10 media at our event, and I think we probably gave the best tour. Mission control, astronauts, flight directors, sitting in the Orion capsule, going into a vacuum chamber, seeing HERA, etc, etc.

Vacuum chamber. Look at the size of that thing!

If you want to see everything that went on at these #NASAsocials agency wide, just look up #StateOfNASA.

Neutral Buoyancy Lab where the astronauts dive to train on the International Space Station.

I loved it (of course, as an intern I partook a lot more than the full-time employees), but I was experiencing (basically) everything for the first time. If I enjoyed it, I can only imagine how much these folks enjoyed it!

Orion capsule. Four people can fit into this, but I don’t think I want to be one of those four.
They got to watch Charles Bolden’s address in one of the mission controls.
Dr. Ochoa and I were halfway matching today!

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