Day 38: Media filmed today!

It was another full day of taking people around Johnson! Except this time it was really a full day – 8 a.m. to almost 6 p.m. I think there was ten minutes for lunch sometime in there?

Testing out spacesuit glove dexterity in a mini vacuum chamber.

It was a great experience, as these tours always are. I love NASA, and every day I’m excited to come into work, but that’s worn down a bit since the beginning. But these people, they are like me day 1 except they realize they might not come back anytime soon!

Astronaut food!

So they love it all and are excited about it all and just do it all!

Tom with one of the planes that all astronauts train on.
Astronaut Kjell Lindgren and the crew. He came down from the space station in December.
Kjell explaining how the treadmill (also called the COLBERT) works.
Rover riding. The spacesuit can be climbed into from the inside and permanently parked outside so that they never get Mars/Moon dust inside.

P.S. I pulled out my battery in my camera to charge it and forgot to put it in for the morning shoots! So that’s why Kjell Lindgren isn’t looking as clear as the two other astronauts in my first picture (Tom and Josh).

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