Day 43: Adventures, adventures

I haven’t written in five days. That seems like forever! But it’s not, it’s only five days. But in that time I have: made some graphics for NASA (actual NASA social media, not NASA Johnson), wrote lots of stuff, learned about Storify, helped with a TweetChat, saw Cirque du Soleil, visited Enchanted Rock and tried some long lost coco bean chocolate. Oh, and finished an article for the Alumni Association (just need one more day to sleep on it and then proof it!).

But this post is mostly going to be about my trip to Enchanted Rock with Kristen, because we went there mainly for the pictures/to hike/to have a great time. We managed all three! (And at least for me to get sunburned as well…)

The picture up top is my first, nice looking attempt at star trails. But I found out that people don’t actually just have a super long exposure for star trails! They take multiple pictures and layer them in a graphics editor. Bah-humbug. (I still think my way is more fun…)


We climbed to the top of that rock. Which doesn’t look very tall. But it was pretty high up!


We’re about halfway up at this point.


This is our view of the sunset from on top of the rock.


And I think it was absolutely breathtaking.


Look at how the clouds and the colors are. Beauuutiful!


We also tried “painting” a scene with light, so that we could get foreground images and the sky!


It worked with varying degrees of success.

Oh my, those stars were gorgeous. Enchanted Rock has some pretty dark skies.

DSC_1645 edit.JPG

Anyway, onto the next day. Where we just took a lot of fun photos on rocks. (Kristen featured below.)


I really enjoyed climbing everywhere!


Anyway, I was happy to see I still have some dance left in me.



Anyway, here are some pictures of the National Park.


It was absolutely gorgeous and so worth the drive.

P.S. Before writing this, I hefted around seven different books, trying to smash giant, winged bugs against the wall. I do not like bugs, especially not ones in my space.

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