Day 44: Began my exit presentation…

I’m a little over a month away from the end of my internship (what?!), and there was some down time today, so I started working on my exit presentation for NASA. (It’s kind of a big deal.)

It’s a bit odd to realize that I’ll be leaving a month before all the other interns whom I am only now starting to get to know.

But that’s life, I suppose.

There’s a Facebook chat with astronauts on Glamour coming up tomorrow. Be sure to tune in! I’ll be helping behind the scenes with Megan.

For all the social media engagement chats I’ve been here for, Megan is in the room helping to field questions and make astronauts’ responses fit into the right amount of characters!

It’s brilliant.

P.S. If you read almost any post on NASA’s social media, you have people asking questions. That’s normal. But the really cool thing is that random people (those we unofficially dub “NASA ambassadors”) respond with the (usually) correct answer! I’ve learned a lot just from reading comments on NASA’s social media.

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