Day 45: Glam

Had a great time helping out with the Glamour Facebook Q&A (astronauts Jessica Meir and Nicole Mann typing away in the photo)! And by help out, I mean sort of read the questions off Megan’s computer and suggest things once in a blue moon.

Jessica and Nicole were very awesome and spent a lot of time answering each individual question. I hope Glamour and the questioners really appreciated it! One of my favorite responses was from Jessica to a question about applying to be an astronaut.

If you’re the type of person with which others would want to go on a long camping trip in a secluded environment, you’re likely a good candidate!

– Jessica Meir

Accurate. (Did you know as part of their training, astronauts need to survive a couple of nights in Russian wilderness?)

It was Jessica’s idea to sign their answers with their Twitter handles. She understands social media. I didn’t look at her Twitter much before (sorry, Jessica!), but it’s on point. Go follow her.

Today I also fully grasped just how much planning goes into crew returns. Scott Kelly’s case is a bit special (year in space and all that), but it is simply mind boggling. I only go to every twentieth meeting or something about the topic. It’s insane.

I’m glad I only have to worry about the social media with Megan and not about the logistics of routing video or getting Kelly home.

Actually, it would be totally cool to be involved with it! (I do like staying busy!) But I don’t know enough to really help out there. Rob will sometimes show me his timelines for things, and they are in like size 8 font and eighteen pages long. Yikes.

P.S. Gave blood at JSC today! I also got a free t-shirt that features Yoda.

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