47: I’m really not sure what’s happening…

Picture this: It’s towards the end of the day. Half the office is gone. The day is moving a bit slowly. I’ve popped some popcorn and am working on analytics when…

Kelly pulls out this huge poster and dramatically unfurls it. He and Isidro are discussing something or other on the floor in the middle of our hallway right by the front desk.

This is the kind of Friday it was.

This morning, we (the co-terns) got to go on a tour of the Propulsion and Power Division’s (EP) Energy Systems Test Area (ESTA). And it was amazing! (It was only supposed to be two hours, but then, it turned out to be like three. So much to see!)

Did you know that they use pyrotechnics to do lots of things?? Like cut Kevlar on parachutes and break brackets on space ships?? I had no idea!


This was our awesome tour guide, Marty! He does not go to A&M, but he loves the school because his kid goes there.

This is one of the brackets blown apart (in a very controlled fashion) using a specific pyrotechnic that is built/designed here. I forget what they are called, but apparently everyone all over the world (commercial and government) uses these for spaceflight. They’ve never failed.
Basically what half this tour was. Also, just noticing the fish there! Each NASA area definitely has its own fun culture.
The vacuum chamber we got to go in! They just finished testing BEAM inside of it.
All of us inside the chamber! When you stand in the very center and clap/talk it sounds very odd. It was like everything was vibrating.

P.S. Marika got to make something explode. It was very terrifying.

DSC_2100 - Kopie (2)DSC_2098 - Kopie (2)

DSC_2101 - Kopie
I tried to take a photo, but I literally jumped a few inches in the air. It was a very loud, fast noise that I was not prepared for.


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