Day 52: HERA splashdown!!

The Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA) completed its mission today and the four crew members (all lovely women) went outside the habitat for the first time in 30 days.

I wrote a little article about it, if you want to know more.


I went to their “splashdown,” which was super cute. Basically, there were sound effects for the crew hitting the atmosphere back into Earth and then a big water splash for when they landed in water, and well, returned to Earth. Then there was super patriotic music and the crew exited into a small human tunnel who then threw little streamers at them.

Only at NASA.


They even got their own little (head-sized?) mission patch. Congratulations to the crew on a successful mission.

To give everyone an update on Scott Kelly’s return: It’s hectic still, but I think everyone has it under control. So basically look towards the #YearInSpace  on social media for all the updates. We’re also going to be having live coverage of the landing on NASA TV, and our social media team will be totes bonding in an itty-bitty room as we provide coverage.

I’m so excited.

T-minus six days.

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