Day 53: Touring

One of the awesome things about being a PAO (Public Affairs Office) intern is that I get to help out with lots of tours!

One of the flight directors, Zebulon (Zeb) Scoville, was a great debriefer about the Mission Control Center. He’s became a flight director in 2014 after doing EVAs in MCC for like 14 years or so.

For example, this past one, crew from AC/DC came and toured some facilities. I hope they enjoyed it!

Saw some EVA (spacewalk) activity at the NBL. Those aren’t astronauts inside, but an engineer and a flight doc (I believe they said), learning about what astronauts need to do/deal with on spacewalks.

I gave up my spot on the intern tour of MCC and the NBL, because I’ve already been to both. But I actually ran into them at the NBL, which was fun!


I liked seeing all the activity happening at the NBL!

P.S. The Education Office has tiny astronauts.


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