Day 60: Met the man who spent a #YearInSpace

Scott Kelly, the astronaut who has just come back from 340 days in space, was part of the very first NASA Facebook Live event! And it was amazing, even though it was only 7 minutes long.

But within those 7 minutes, 50K people chimed in and we had over 1M views within like 2 hours or something crazy like that (but don’t quote me on that).


That’s my mentor, Megan sitting there next to Scott Kelly. We originally were just going to ask him questions as they popped up on the screen/as people commented on the video. But then, since we only had five minutes (stretched to seven minutes during the actual event), we pulled some of the most popular questions we had seen on social media.


But the day actually started off with a Reddit AMA, where 5 scientists and experts in Scott’s mission answered questions on Reddit.


It was awesome being in the room with all of them and listening to them claim questions and make witty answers that they didn’t actually write down. (Opting to give out good information instead.)



And then there was Mark Kelly’s briefing (twin brother of Scott).


Then came the Facebook Live, halfway through that briefing.

And then Scott Kelly’s briefing!



Then the Scott Kelly madness was over, but the media stuck around to do some reporting live from JSC, which was cool to see.


The reporter has a little light there. Which I thought was kind of funny.

Anyway, that’s a wrap on Scott Kelly stuff (for now). He was great to talk with and wonderful during all his briefings. Jeff Williams is launching in two weeks, so be read for that.

Anyway, thanks for being a great interview, Scott!

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