Day 63: Friends are wonderful

They can be new friends or old friends or far friends or close friends or work friends or school friends, and they’re all really just amazing.

I had a great weekend and a lovely Monday, and, really, friends can make or break the day. So, like, thanks for making mine.

But I didn’t take a single picture. Can you believe that?

Reuben sent a care package at like the beginning of the internship to Kara and myself, and oh my gosh. I finally got it today, and it’s super cute. Look at that hedgehog and the cute calendar in the background with baby foxes this month!!


Now, every day I will be surrounded by cute animals. Best work environment ever.

But what was also very cool today was learning about a new science experiment heading onto the space station: Strata-1.


Basically, it’s to see how loose dust/dirt on the moon/asteroids moves in microgravity. The experiment will help us learn about landing on surfaces in microgravity and maybe about planetary formations.

In the picture, there are three out of the four different sets of materials (three different sizes) that will perform in weightlessness aboard the International Space Station. The glass fragments were apparently the most fun to make, because this guy, Marc, took a hammer and just smashed lots of glass beads.

But one of the most impressive things about this experiment is that it’s one of the 5×2015’s, an initiative by JSC to improve the development time of experiments going to the space station. Normally, it’s apparently around 3 years.

Strata-1 was conceptualized, pitched, built and tested in about 10 months. It’s currently sitting on the next spacecraft, ready to be launched. Amazing.

P.S. Scott Kelly might have returned, but the astronauts continue to fly. We have a briefing with Kate Rubins tomorrow (Her launch is in May), and Jeff Williams is launching Mar. 22. Tim Kopra is also currently aboard the space station doing great work.

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