Day 65: Flawless #AstroKate had her briefing

And we got to do another Facebook Live! This time it was with the flawless Kate Rubins. It looks like it was just as successful as Scott’s if not more so! (Gosh, I’m so excited for her to go onto the space station, and I hope she does lots of social media, because she was ~awesome at it!!)

Anyway, it was a very fun experience (as usual)!

funny expressions

And then after the event, Kate signed the door for prosperity.

signing door.gif

I also completed the draft for an article about Strata-1 today, and struggled with making properly sized gifs for an article about BEAM. All in all, a great day.

It also continued to rain a lot. Tim Kopra got a great look at the storm and shared it out on social media. While I do love the thunder and lightning, the rain put a real damper on things. (Ha-ha.)

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