Day 68: My first time at the rodeo

I did not enjoy the show, but I did enjoy the people I spent the time with, and also the opening act of the show. The National Anthem.

There were fireworks coming out of the top of an American flag while a lady stood on top of a galloping (cantering?) horse. See below.


Before the actual show, we walked around a lot and saw lots of animals. The pigs were my fav.


But there were cows walking all around me, and they were also so cute.


Really, the experience just made me very happy that I’m vegan.

Also you could get literally everything fried there.


And there were lots of shoe shining happening. #TheTexasLife


Oh! But I tried a new effect on my camera, which made everything little and toy like.


And then here are the people I hung out with. Thanks for putting up with me wandering off throughout the day.


P.S. Look how pretty this little horticulture thing was! There were lots of gorgeous ones, but I think this was my favorite! 😀


Oh, and there was a sloth and a tortoise.


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