I’ve decided to stop counting days!

Because when I count days, it’s like I’m anticipating the end. Scott Kelly talked about how he was always trying to count up to his 340 days in space.

But I think he was pretty happy for it to be over. I’m planning to enjoy the less than a month I have left.

That doesn’t mean I’m not getting ready for my last day. We need an exit presentation, and I’ve decided to tell my story entirely in images. Like the one above, which captures a few of the projects I’ve worked on.

In other news: Today there were very few people in the office as it is spring break for them right now.

My mentor will be out the next couple of days, including Jeff Williams’ launch to the space station on Friday. Which means I was prepping posts today for approval and then will be posting them on social media myself!

It’s always terrifying to post on any official NASA account. I’m always nervous I’ll have misspelled something or realize how it could’ve been better worded a day or two later.

But that’s a part of social media! We live, we learn, and we work fast.

P.S. I wrote about working at the Alumni Association, and here it is! Thanks to everyone who made it possible! 😀

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