Houston, we have takeoff

While we didn’t do much with the actual launch from mission control in Houston, the launch was still very exciting and we covered it on social media.

And when I say we, I mean Mark and myself.

So, like, I wrote some posts and posted some things and responded to some questions and it was generally awesome.

We also posted a 360 image of mission control.

What was also fun is that astronaut Doug Wheelock was answering a number of #askNASA questions. It was great to see the interaction on social media!

There was also this adorable pink owl inside the Soyuz, which is from Oleg’s daughter. It’s the gravity indicator, so we can all see the moment they go weightless.

I also have a new article posted. It’s about Strata-1, a science experiment that will look at how regolith, impact-shattered “soil” on small, airless bodies (the Moon, asteroids, etc.), performs in space. I have two typos in it (gah) that weren’t caught until it was posted. (I think the different font and format helps catch them. The best part is that the article needed checks from a lot of people before posting and no one else caught them either.)

But if you want to take a look even before they’re fixed, that’s cool too. The scientists seemed really happy with it, and it was such a fun piece to write. I learned a lot!

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