We talked a whole lot of new media

This is basically social media, but on the fringes of social media. It’s social media with no resources, the most recent trends and capitalizing on timely moments. Like hashtags or breaking news.

My mentor, Megan, and her two co-workers Hayley and Gary (and technically me) are part of the new media team at Johnson Space Center. A sort of… experiment? Where, using limited resources, they’re working to develop JSC’s online brand to something that works exceedingly well in the social media environment.

So things like, Snapchat, 360 video, audio independent videos and Facebook Live events are all part of JSC’s definition of new media.

But anyway, the new media team gave a presentation to like the boss of the social media people at Headquarters and was basically all, “You’re doing it right! Keep doing it!” And that was awesome.

(Also, the 360 image on Facebook that I posted had the highest reach of all social media coverage for Jeff William’s launch. Yay!)

Some of my favorite quotes from the Bob Jacobs include:

“Cameras on everything. Pointing in and out of everything.”

“If you give them [the public] some way to participate with the thing, they’re going to love it!”

“It’s not only important [for NASA] to do it, it’s important to be seen doing it.”

“The answer is never ‘No.’ It’s ‘What if.'”

P.S. Totally left my phone at work today. Wasn’t going to go back and get it until I remembered it was my one and only alarm clock here in Houston. Went back and got my phone.

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