Exit presentation happened today

I presented to the External Relations Office leadership today, and I think it went well. But it makes the end of my internship feel that much closer. I’m hoping to return as a co-op/Pathways intern in Spring 2017! Crossing my fingers so hard on that one, but hopefully my hard work this semester paid off!

I’ll present again on Monday to the branch, so more to the people I’ve been working with on a day-to-day basis. I’m excited to show everything off to them!

Anyway, ended this day with Kristen. The two of us tried to grab a shot of the space station as it flew by, but I believe it was a little too low for us to capture. But I did get a fun photo of this drone/airplane thing that was flying!


Also wouldn’t it have looked so pretty with the ISS flying over this shot? It was framed sooo nicely…



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