Enchanted Rock again!

Headed out to Enchanted Rock again, but this time with Marika and Eric. The car ride down was basically pop songs until we couldn’t take the radio anymore, and then it was us singing anything we knew together a cappella style. Marika and Eric both pretty much carried the tune; I wouldn’t say I was a hindrance to the actual quality of the music being sung, but I might not have helped add to it…

Anyway, first the star photos:

DSC_4519 edit2DSC_4520 edit less greenDSC_4523 editDSC_4524 edit

Do you notice my style? It’s pretty simple: lone tree with stars. Now I did edit these photos, mostly bringing out the color of the sky. Some of the skies were naturally more of one color than another, depending on which way we were facing (towards the sun, away, etc.), but some of the other ones I liked a color and pulled it out more.

Now the more general photos.


We even got to go in a cave, it was awesome.


Despite this image of when we first entered, there was absolutely no light. We went in pretty unprepared (a single phone light between us) and then the light my camera gives off when it tries to autofocus. It was very much a bonding experience. 
Eric and Marika around halfway through the cave. I love the lighting in this photo!
Because it was such a tight cave, we needed to pass bags and my camera bag and forth. So Eric grabbed this photo as I finally made it back into the sunshine!
These are bluebonnets, and they were everywhere on our drive up! They and another red flower basically just painted all the grass on the side of the road and it was gorgeous. We didn’t pull over to frolic in the flowers, but I did get this shot of a cluster of them.
Oh goodness, the drive up was absolutely beautiful. Look at those clouds. And that tree. Did you notice I like taking photos of lone trees? 

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