Hamilton Pool

We stayed the night near Hamilton Pool after Enchanted Rock, so that we could get to the pool early enough. (Enchanted Rock had actually closed until 2 when we’d gotten there, so we didn’t want that to happen again!)

But we got there too early, so then we visited some sheep down the road.

They really go “Baaaaaaa.” I didn’t believe it until this moment.
The hike down to the pool was beautiful, especially with the morning sun coming in through the trees. 
This is the pool, and the water was totes freezing. I just stepped my toes in. Marika and Eric, however, went entirely in the water, and I’m shivering just thinking about it… 
Tried some long exposure stuff with the water. Varying degrees of success. But I actually purchased a Neutral Density lens when I got home so now I can (hopefully!) shoot more long exposures in the day!


Another long exposure. I especially love how the water looks rolling down the rock. Also didn’t have my tripod with me, so I was balancing my camera on things and hoping I didn’t jiggle. Should’ve taken my tripod with me, but I think it turned out alright.

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