Last day at NASA…

I’ve completed my last day at NASA and it’s bittersweet. I had an amazing time! I experienced and learned so much and met some absolutely wonderful people. I’m hoping to return Spring 2017, but we’ll have to see how that plays out. DSC_4955

If I don’t make it back, it’s still been a truly unforgettable experience. I hope other non-STEM majors realize that they can also work at NASA if they want to. All they need to do is apply. 🙂

I was rushing to pack, so I unfortunately didn’t get the best picture, but this is an image everyone in the office signed for me. And it makes my heart melt whenever I look at it/read the little notes. The image is of the Soyuz carrying Scott, Mikhail and Sergei back to Earth.

P.S. The top image is of my last view of NASA before I left. That’s Building 1 with the flags in the front. Hidden by the trees, but right next to it, is my building, Building 2.

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