It rained. And it kept raining.

There was a lot of rain/clouds my first week in Freiburg, which means I didn’t do a whole lot of adventuring. What I did do was a whole lot of paperwork for living in Germany, and go around the city with Megan and Kendra!

But this is Bertoldsbrunnen (Bertold’s Fountain). Bertold founded Freiburg in 1120.


It’s not my favorite fountain I’ve ever seen. It’s a little odd, to be quite honest…


Martinstor! One of two remaining gates of Freiburg. One time, Marie Antoinette came to visit Freiburg, and the citizens were so excited, they built an entire gate just for her. But once she left, they took it down.


Megan, Kendra and I ate at that cute little place! It was kind of American. But what was not very American was spending 6 Euros on water. Ugh, having to pay for bottled water at restaurants is one of the few things that frustrates me quite a bit in Europe…

P.S. I need to update the clock on my camera, since it’s dating everything wrong now…

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