First day of classes!

Basically, the weekend before classes started I did lots and lots of paperwork stuff for living in Freiburg and the University. Didn’t know there would be so much to take care of!

One of my classes was Mythos Artus: Vom Ritterideal zum Filmhelden (The mythology of King Arthus from the ideal knight to a film hero) and was in this huge lecture hall. Well, that entire hall filled up. And some people had to sit on the floor, so we’ll see if the professor gets the room changed!

My German classes are all only once a week and scheduled in two hour time slots. However, I really only have class for about an hour and a half each week, because of something called c.t. (cum tempore) which roughly translates to “with time.” Basically, classes start 15 minutes later than they’re listed as and end 15 minutes earlier. So the teaching time for a class that’s 12:00 – 14:00 is from 12:15 – 13:45.

Anyway, it’s an interesting class, but let me tell you something: German is hard. Especially German at the university level when you aren’t sure how classes are normally run.

We’ll see how it goes!



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