For my one course Schau ins Land, our professor gave us a scavenger hunt to go all around Freiburg and find different things. They could be places or facts or really anything at all!

But thankfully, this time it was beautiful outside!! There was so much sun, so here’s a quick tour around Freiburg with some sunshine filled photos! (I think it was my first beautiful day in the city!)


Here we are in Münsterplatz. The church is to the left and all the little stands have been set up!

This is one of my favorite little things about the church! That gargoyle looking thing there is actually a water spout. But the lord (merchant?) who was supposed to help pay for the church didn’t, so he got a gargoyle with water coming out of its buttocks. 
Here’s another view of the market.
These little circles on the sidewalk are from back in the day. They were signs saying what was in the shop. For example, there would be a shoe mosaic for a shoe store or a piece of bread for a bakery. Today, some of the mosaics match the store front and some don’t.
The gate you see there is Schawbentor. It’s one of two remaining gates in Freiburg. But what I love in this picture is the Bächle, the open waterway. These run all throughout the city (normally a bit smaller) and are from when they were essential for transporting water. Now kids will put boats in them and just play around. But they say if you fall into a Bächle, you’ll marry a Freiburger!
Just pretty!
No one really knows why, but there’s this crocodile statue in the water. Today, there was a duck sitting on it. (I believe the waterway is Gewerbekanal.)


This is part of my climb up Schlossberg! (The green you could see on the other side of the Münsterplatz was Schlossberg.)
There’s Münsterplatz from about halfway up the mountain.
Freiburg on the other side of Schlossberg!
It was really just all so pretty!
I’m walking along the Dreisam here, the river that goes through Freiburg.




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