I spent the entire fabulous weekend with my fabulous friend, TASCHA!

From Tascha

We met years ago through sort of a friend of a friend of a friend of my aunt, and it’s been amazing getting to chat with her over Skype and a few times in person throughout all these years.

From Tascha

We’re planning her trip to America, which includes seeing lots of mundane sort of things.

Anyway, we basically did nothing? But we did so much? And the weather was totally weird.


Do you see that light and darkness crazy? There’s actually rain pouring down under the clouds and nothing where there are no clouds. Soooo insane. And it was like that all day.

After I spent all the time with Tascha…


I headed into Cologne to visit my favorite thing: the chocolate museum. I have not been a very good vegan, but chocolate, especially European specialty chocolate, is quite my weak spot. More on that in another post.

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