Just some more stuff from Cologne

I take a lot of photos…


As seen in the Cologne Hauptbanhof (train station).


Advertising at the Cologne Hauptbahnhof. However, the chocolate museum here is sponsored by Lindt, not Ritter Sport. (They have one in Berlin!)


The beautiful Cologne Dom from a different perspective. It felt like every time I tried for a wide shot, there was construction going on. And not that I totally don’t love it when beautiful old architecture gets restored, but it does make it hard to take photos. Also look how unfriendly the sky was.

But then I went inside and the stain glass was all:


Look at that.


Loved these four colored buildings. I caught them as I was walking along the Rhine to the chocolate museum.

P.S. I now have a Flickr I’m uploading all my images to, too! The quality there makes everything look so much better…

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