My favorite thing in the entire world. Basically, I left Tascha’s with a couple of hours before my train so that I could visit my favorite place in Cologne: the chocolate museum.



It’s like pure, floating happiness.


It’s on an itty-bitty island on the Rhine. Don’t you see? So it’s totally 100% possible to be floating in happiness here.

Look at this chocolate. (I got two chocolate covered wafers!!)

DSC_5864 edit


And as you can see from the two different colorings on the photos, the light was totally different and I forgot to switch a setting for white balance on my camera. Oops… I love them both though. That chocolate totally makes the photo. The gold thing next to the chocolatier is the chocolate fountain and the gold are chocolate coco beans, where the most splendid food on Earth (chocolate) comes from.

Now for some more chocolate:


Chocolate being poured into the mold.


Chocolate being lovingly transported.


Chocolate getting lifted (via suction) to go to the wrapping station!


Golden wrapped chocolate bars falling into the box that contains all the other scrumptious chocolate.


What the wrapping for a chocolate bunny looks like unwrapped.


A chocolate pig mold!! (But no actual chocolate pigs.)


Oh, and more chocolate to eat. Umm… yes, I have not been a very good vegan. Chocolate is my weak spot. I regret nothing. ❤

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