I spent half a day in Ghent, Belgium, and let me tell you that that is just not enough time! This is the first (and only city) that I ended up going to and not taking a walking tour. Such a bad decision! There was so much history there and I was just walking around looking at all the beautiful scenery and not knowing anything. (But I did learn from when I was in Bruges–another gorgeous city from the Middle Ages–later that day, that one of the churches in Ghent had stolen a gold dragon from Bruges and put it on top of their church. So anyway, Bruges is a little upset with Ghent.)

I did take a boat tour, but it was a little hard to understand what was happening, because first everything would be explained in Dutch, then in German, and then finally in English. It was quite impressive, but hard to understand since he was talking so fast to fit all the information in at one time.

Basically, I went to Ghent to see the super impressive fortress/castle there: Gravensteen!


My, my, isn’t it impressive? It originated in the Middle Ages, and it’s, again, wonderful. There were a lot of student groups going through though, which made it a little annoying and hard to see things, since they would crowd around every conceivable thing to look at (there was a museum on the inside).


But it was overcast/rainy that day, so that kept them all inside!


Caught a couple (below) walking along the battlements. I should’ve done something with my white balance to make the colors pop a bit more, but I’m still happy with the outcome.


On my way to the castle, I saw this most beautiful park, and the juxtaposition of the pink bench and pink tree were just too wonderful to pass up.


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