spending time in Strasbourg

Megan and I woke up early to make it to our bus on time.

This is the view from my window when I woke up. There were so many beautiful sunsets while I was in Germany.

I think it was like 7:00 or something insanely early like that. Kendra actually missed the bus. D: But we met up later, so it was all good! We walked around Petite France a little bit, which actually comes from the slang term for syphilis back in the day, which was something like the little French disease. Soldiers used to be housed in the area and the prostitutes followed the money. It was soooo gorgeous though.


The long bridge you see was originally used as a defensive measure. It also helps control the water now.
This is where Megan and I ate! It was quite cute, and, as usual in Europe, we had to catch someone’s eye for the check, and it took quite a bit of time. Maybe we just hadn’t gotten the hang of it yet. I had a great salad, but not the Flammkuchen, which is on the side there. I think Megan might’ve gotten it?
This is the inside of the Strasbourg Cathedral. The stain glass was quite beautiful and fun to try and capture with the camera. May or may not have worked that well.
Here’s the astronomical clock insider the cathedral. We didn’t get to see it do it’s show at noon, but it was still cool to look at.
This is the outside of the cathedral. Megan and I went up to the top and it was quite a pretty view. Notice that there’s only one spire/tower. They ran out of fundings before they could build the other one.

Strasbourg is actually on a little island, and so there’s water all the way around it and through it, so we also went on a boat ride as the last thing we did (I might’ve fallen asleep and have accidentally booked the ticket for the day before, but was still allowed on the boat… ^^) before heading back to the bus to Freiburg around 10 p.m. or 11 p.m.

We actually met Martha and her friend on the bus. They were coming back from some other city.

There was also a little bit of a delay before the bus could leave. A girl wanted to get on the bus, but had forgotten her passport, and because we were crossing the border, FlixBus required everyone to have a passport. So she started yelling at the driver and the driver was yelling back, and well.. She didn’t get on the bus, but I think her friend did. Anyway, if the bus is stopped by border control and someone didn’t have their passport, the bus driver would be fined, need to stop driving the bus, and another driver and bus would need to come pick us all up and it would just be a mess. (The driver ranted about all of the specifics once we got moving again…) Anyway, it was quite interesting.

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